Yak Graphics offers the 3M MCS extended warranty for customers who choose to use 3M product for their application. Contact Yak Graphics for more information on your project application and warranty options.

• 3M Graphics Warranty Brochure
• 3M MCS Roland TrueVIS Series – Zone 2
• 3M Colored and Signage Films Warranty – Zone 2

Note: The warranty will depend upon the customer’s care of the vehicle and the outdoor/geographic conditions. If you ever see the vinyl cracking, replace the vinyl immediately. We recommend hand washing only. Avoid high pressure, power washing and be careful never to use an ice scraper on window graphics. Also avoid harsh chemicals of any kind as they can deteriorate the laminate on the vinyl adhesive. Sweeping or brushing off the windows with a soft broom and the use of a rear defroster will not damage your window wrap. There are specially designed products to clean and polish vinyl graphics if needed. Please wait at least 3 weeks before washing your vehicle once applied.

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